Che Iddio Ce La Mandi Buona


CICLaMaB  ['t∫iklamab]: 

Acronym for an italian idiomatic sentence.
It sounds like "Let's hope that everything goes well"






  If you wish to change the filesystem and/or the kernel of your Texas Instruments AR7 processor based modem/router, CICLaMaB helps you to set correctly all the parameters needed! CICLaMaB has embedded a serial terminal for the modem/router debugging and the possibility to recovery, by JTag interface, a damaged bootloader.
The author of the program does not assume any responsibility! The use of this program is at your own risk!
(Saying the truth, practically there are no risks and dangers... Unless the partitions are not modified in a wrong way... But there is still hope....... JTag docet [Italian only])
This program runs on Windows 2000/XP or earlier versions only.

C.I.C.LaMa.B. ver. 4.5.8
 - 20/01/2008 13.06
(previous version 4.5.75)
 Site: 3437   CICLaMaB: 467   Today tot.: 1   Total: 3904 

If you find errors in english translation or want to create the file for your language, you can modify the "english.lng" file contained in "Langs" folder with CICLaMaB_Translator. You can find it in the CICLaMaB folder.
You can contact me at [email protected]

  • The sources (GPL license) are here
  • If you need only the additional languages... here
  • If you need only the help file, or the last available version, download this.
  • For doubts, uncertainties and similar go to the forum Il Punto Tecnico ADSL